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Merrimack Maverick Hockey Book #2

Our past is too tangled. Too turbulent. Too tainted.


Michael Tazman is the one. 

The one who broke my heart.

The one who bulldozed his way back into my life. 

The one who refuses to go away.  


He wasn’t always the popular hockey player destined for the NHL. 

Once upon a time, he was a bruised and broken little boy. The boy that I loved.  


No one knows that side of him, just like no one knows what happens late at night when he slips into my bed under the veil of darkness. 

But he’ll never slip back into my heart. 


And while our chemistry could set an ice rink on fire, Michael Tazman and Sascha Bell aren’t meant to be. 


So why does fate, with her twisted sense of humor, seem hellbent on changing our course?

Tainted Love is an opposites attract hockey romance set in the late 80s/early 90s.

White Fabric

Meet Steffanie

Me again.jpg

Steffanie is a sarcastic overachiever who attempts to find humor in all situations.


She loves to write romantic dramedies and thrillers. Her books include some twists, some heartache, and some laughs. 

Steffanie prefers to write about characters that are relatable and flawed. As such, you won’t find perfect heroes and heroines in her books, but you might find your best friend, cousin, boss, or even yourself. Steffanie believes that everyone can have the happily ever after they deserve. 

"At the heart of everything is love"

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