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Merrimack Hockey Series

80s/90s Hockey Romance Series

Strange Love - AN IG.jpg
Strange Love - AN IG.jpg

Strange Love

An 80s Fake Dating Hockey Romance

For Ivy Owens, the 1980s have been a tumultuous decade. So when a popular hockey player suggests that they pretend to date in order to boost her social status, it's just another strange turn of events for her.

After being kidnapped and forced to live in a cult, all Ivy wants is to fit in and escape her troubled past. But unfortunately for her, that's not how high school works.

Enter Corey Delacour – the handsome, mysterious hockey player who has everyone talking. Corey’s confidence and edgy persona captivate Ivy, and for reasons beyond her comprehension, he finds her just as fascinating.

So when he offers her a chance to fake a relationship with him to prove that popularity isn't everything, she can't resist.

As Corey guides her through the nuances of her newfound high school popularity, the unexpected happens: something far from fake. However, with his dreams of becoming a famous hockey player – can their connection withstand their inevitable reality?


Or will she be left alone once again with a new problem in her hands – a broken heart that belongs to him?

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Tainted Love

An 80s/90s Opposites Attract Hockey Romance

Our past is too tangled. Too turbulent. Too tainted.


Michael Tazman is the one. 

The one who broke my heart.

The one who bulldozed his way back into my life. 

The one who refuses to go away.  


He wasn’t always the popular hockey player destined for the NHL. 

Once upon a time, he was a bruised and broken little boy. The boy that I loved.  


No one knows that side of him, just like no one knows what happens late at night when he slips into my bed under the veil of darkness. 

But he’ll never slip back into my heart. 


And while our chemistry could set an ice rink on fire, Michael Tazman and Sascha Bell aren’t meant to be. 


So why does fate, with her twisted sense of humor, seem hellbent on changing our course?

Tainted Love is an opposites attract hockey romance set in the late 80s/early 90s.

Hockey Stick and Puck

Your Love

An 80s/90s Friends to Lovers Hockey Romance

Blurb coming soon....

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