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Ever the Same

The Men of Sierra Falls, #1

TW: prolonged illness and loss. Cancer is an ongoing theme in this book. Please proceed with caution if this subject is difficult for you.

Callan and Colby were brought together as children by fate. They became best friends, and confidants, only to be torn apart by tragedy.
When they meet again, their relationship changes from the innocence of childhood love to the passion of soulmates. It will be tested by the lingering pain of the past and the uncertainty of the future.
Can two people meant for one another appreciate the circumstance that first brought them together or ultimately allow it to tear them apart?

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Dreamy Romance Cover Edition

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Beautiful Small Things

The Men of Sierra Falls, #2

James Parker has spent years trying to get Marcus Sinclair to notice her as more than his best friend’s little sister. But each seduction attempt has failed in spectacular fashion.


When Marcus finally recognizes her for the beautiful woman she's grown into, James is determined to make him work for her affection. Their relationship is a game of push and pull, with neither one prepared to admit their true feelings.

Until James becomes the one person Marcus needs the most when the product from a short fling lands on his doorstep.

They must either work together to raise this baby or finally walk away from one another for good.

Dreamy Romance Cover Edition

Pieces into Place

The Men of Sierra Falls, #3

 This woman may be the key to my salvation. But I’d rather watch my life burn to the ground than let her get close to me. 

Ex-military man Kane Hudson thought this would be an easy assignment. He just needs to ensure the feisty first-grade teacher he despises doesn’t get herself killed by a notorious gangster set on revenge. The catch? He has to do it without her knowledge. 

Olivia Monroe is determined to live her life on her own terms. So when the cocky janitor she hates tries to interfere, she refuses to listen. Until she has no choice but to accept his help. 

Stuck in a cabin in the middle of the woods, their hatred morphs into an undeniable attraction that becomes impossible to ignore. 

Kane will protect her and allow her to keep his bed warm at night, but he will never trust his heart to someone like her.

But soon they discover they are bonded by more than just their intense dislike and fiery attraction. 

They share a tragic secret that can bring them together or cause both of their worlds to detonate for good.


Dreamy Romance Cover Edition

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